Full Color Movement International

General FCMI Donation

That you for considering us as your non-profit partner.  Your generosity is what keeps us going and allows us to help that thousands that we help annually.  We want to continue to help our local Give Hope partners in need and our foriegn missionaries as well.  Can you help?  Projected Need $Priceless....all help helps!

CALL US  +1.4802279743

Scholarship & Donation Corner


Canned goods, meat, water, gatorade and hygiene products.  These are all essentials for every day life.  Your donations go towards the weekly purchase of items needed for over 20+ sites that we service.  

***Projected Need $2,000/ month year round.  Can you help?

Resources for HOPE

We help our homeless and families in need find jobs and need funds to help train them on interview skills, computer skills etc and to take them to interviews. 

***Projected Need is a 15 passenger van and donation for insurance and van maintenance plus  supplies for resource days $2,500/month year round.  Can you help?